Cameo Factory De Paola, artisans of the incision and workmanship of the cameo and the coral from 1932.


Cameo Factory De Paola is a company specialising in etching and machining of coral and cameo. Boasts over 80 years of experience and passion in the field of handicraft production of cameos and corals authentic, and represents a point of pride for the entire city of Naples. The Cameo Factory De Paola has been handed down from father to son now 3 generations with the purpose of keeping intact and alive the Neapolitan tradition in the art of the glyptic.


showcase Cameo Factory De Paola

Since 1932, in Naples, the evolution of coral and cameo binds tightly to the name of the family De Paola; to S. Martino, in fact, the skill and craftsmanship of the founder Vincenzo De Paola and soon turned into a history and today the son Renato, door daily forward with passion and pride in the tradition of a product that is appreciated all over the world. The corallo, this precious gift of the seabed by a thousand powers, in the capable hands of Renato De Paola becomes even more magic, as well as the rare cameo, an admirable piece of shell, which skillfully engraved takes on the tones of a work of art unique and unrepeatable. In our shop, and always has been, we work and we propose exclusively corals and cameos authentic to ensure that defended the good name of the many craftsmen who for centuries have dedicated their lives to these precious elements of the sea. Tourists and amateurs as well as personalities from the world of show business and culture continue to crowd our showroom in S. Martino, appreciating the extraordinary workings of coral, ivory, mother of pearl and cameos.

" The love of the family De Paola for this precious art form today, like yesterday and it has remained intact and without limits. "

showcase Cameo Factory De Paola